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Wet Basement Foundation Waterproofing & Crack Repair Services in Northumberland County, Ontario

Northumberland County, Ontario, is a beautiful region with scenic landscapes and natural beauty. However, homeowners in the area can face challenges with wet basements and landscape waterproofing issues. Wet basements can cause structural damage to homes, as well as create an unhealthy living environment for occupants. Landscape waterproofing issues, such as poor water drainage and the lack of moisture-proof barriers, can also lead to water infiltration in basements. In this article, we will discuss the causes of wet basements in Northumberland County, Ontario, and the landscape waterproofing solutions to prevent them.

Wet Basement Problems in Northumberland County, Ontario

One of the most common causes of wet basements in Northumberland County is poor water drainage. This can be due to various reasons, such as improper grading around the foundation, clogged gutters and downspouts, and damaged or missing drainage pipes. When water accumulates around the foundation, it can seep through cracks and penetrate the basement walls, causing structural damage and creating a damp environment.

Another common cause of wet basements is the lack of moisture-proof barriers. When the foundation walls and floors are not properly sealed, moisture can seep in through the pores in the concrete or cracks in the foundation walls. This can cause mold and mildew growth, which can be harmful to the health of occupants and cause unpleasant odors in the home.

Landscape Waterproofing Solutions in Northumberland County, Ontario

To prevent wet basements, homeowners in Northumberland County should consider landscape waterproofing solutions. One solution is to ensure proper water drainage around the foundation. This can be achieved by regrading the landscape away from the foundation, repairing or replacing damaged drainage pipes, and cleaning gutters and downspouts regularly.

Another solution is the installation of moisture-proof barriers. These barriers can be in the form of internal or external waterproof membrane wraps. Internal waterproof membrane wraps are applied to the interior walls of the basement and are designed to prevent moisture from penetrating the walls. External waterproof membrane wraps are installed on the exterior of the foundation walls and are designed to prevent water from seeping through the concrete.


Wet basements and landscape waterproofing issues can be a significant problem for homeowners in Northumberland County, Ontario. Poor water drainage and the lack of moisture-proof barriers can cause structural damage and create an unhealthy living environment. To prevent these issues, homeowners should consider landscape waterproofing solutions such as proper water drainage and the installation of internal or external waterproof membrane wraps. By taking these preventive measures, homeowners can ensure a dry, healthy, and structurally sound living environment.

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Fast, Cost Effective and Professional Wet Basement Solutions. Expert Local Foundation Waterproofing Company in Northumberland County, Ontario

We offer interior & exterior foundation wraps, core pours, basement crack repairs, landscape waterproofing, excavation and  other supporting services for home and business owners

Services - Interior Waterproof Basement Wraps

Interior Waterproof Foundation Wraps

We offer interior basement foundation waterproof wrap services in Northumberland County, Ontario. We specialize in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and foundation crack repair. Our team of experts makes sure that your home is protected from the elements so that when it’s time to entertain friends or family members, they’ll be wowed by what they see instead of wondering why there’s an entire room full of boxes!
Services - Exterior Waterproof Basement Wraps


We know that your basement is the heart of your home, and we want to help you keep it safe. That’s why we offer waterproofing services for your exterior foundation.

Our foundation repair services are designed to protect your basement from water damage, leakage, mould and other potentially harmful elements. Our team of experts will work with you to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

We’re committed to providing quality service at an affordable price—and we’ll get the job done right the first time! Learn more about our exterior basement foundation waterproof wrap service in Northumberland County, Ontario.

Services - Interior And Exterior Basement Foundation Crack Repairs

Interior / Exterior Foundation Crack Repairs

If you’re looking for a professional foundation repair specialist in Northumberland County, Ontario, look no further than DoneRite Waterproofing.

Our team has been repairing foundations and other structural issues for over 20 years now, and our experience is evident in the high quality of our work. We are proud to offer a range of services including hairline and structural foundation crack repairs, basement waterproofing and basement slab leak detection.

Services - Basement Foundation Core Pour


We offer services like Core Pour, basement waterproofing, and foundation crack repair—all of which can help keep your home stable and dry.

We know how important it is to have a strong foundation. That’s why we work hard to ensure that all of our projects are completed on time and on budget. Our clients love us because we always go above and beyond to make sure they’re 100% satisfied with the result.

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We’re proud to serve Northumberland County, Ontario.

Whether you’re looking for a foundation repair or waterproofing solution for your basement or landscape, we can help.

We have the expertise and experience to provide you with quality service and products that will keep your home safe from leaks and damage, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Heavy duty equipment for foundation waterproofing and basement crack repair

Mini-ex & Backhoe Loader, CONCRETE, SOIL WORK & EXCAVATION

Are you dealing with a wet leaky basement or foundation crack? If so, you’ve come to the right place. DoneRite Waterproofing offers a full range of excavation services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and foundation crack repair.

When you choose us as your excavation service provider, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of all your needs at a reasonable price. We’re also fully insured and licensed to work on any size property in Northumberland County!

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The guys from DoneRite have saved an old guy a lot of grief. Their work was fast and very clean, getting into and out of the basement, and keeping my shelves protected.

They were friendly, knowledgable. When on breaks, they helped me understand some of their work.

No more up and down stairs emptying buckets every day, and my sleep is peaceful now.

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Project: Interior Full Basement Waterproof Membrane Wrap
- Henry
Stirling, Ontario


The DoneRite team was masterful, I highly recommended them!

We bought our home in 2015. It had waterproofing previously, but was limited, we had more work done years ago. The extra work was effective but not covering our whole house. Sadly, more leaks, and more complicated.

I tried to learn enough before they came to do an estimate. They provided a quote covering both outside and inside and explained a technique to connect both wraps I had not heard of when looking up waterproofing.

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Project: Exterior Waterproof Membrane Wrap
- Juliet & Jason
Kingston, Ontario


A window well filled with water, and then leaked, like Niagara Falls, in May.

The crew at DoneRite excavated and repaired a crack within a few days of my call.

You guys are amazing. Thank you!

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Project: Interior & Exterior Basement Foundation Crack Repairs
- Keith
Warkworth, Ontario


We really appreciate your team.

We thought the problem would go away, but the spring rains this year have forced us, and we are very pleased in the work you've done.

We will recommend you to everyone!!!

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Project: Interior Waterproof Membrane Wrap
- Tabatha
Cobourg, Ontario